The Nick Randall Series – The First Family of Adventure!

The Ruins – A Nick Randall Novel

(Previously titled The Vilcabamba Prophecy) When archeologist Nick Randall disappears on an expedition to find the fabled city of Vilcabamba, his daughter Sam is the only person who can find him. But she must battle a crazed industrialist bent on finding her father first. Frances Dumond believes an advanced technology, unlike anything known to mankind, exits in Vilcabamba and he will stop at nothing to possess it. A 2015 Adventure Writers Semi-Finalist.

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The Bermuda Connection – A Nick Randall Novel

Someone is trying to kill archeologist Nick Randall and his son John. Forced into hiding, they must search for answers. They are drawn to a mysterious woman on the island of Bermuda. Jamie Edmunds may hold the key to their mystery, but someone else is searching for her as well. Caught between two deadly factions, they are humanity’s only hope of preventing the forces of darkness from creating and unleashing a horrific weapon on humanity. Win an Autographed Copy!

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Nazca – A Nick Randall Short Story

Find out how Nick Randall got his start, in this short story. Nick Randall is a young graduate student on his first assignment to catalog relics found at the site of the infamous Nazca Lines. His team disappears during a sand storm and Nick must solve the riddle of lines to find his friends!


The 2015 award winner is now available as an audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes! Follow Nick and Sam Randall as they battle the evil Frances Dumond, while searching for the lost city of Vilcabamba!

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