The Bermuda Connection – Nick Randall Book 2

Archeologist Nick Randall is back and joined by his son John Randall. Join them as they as they battle two deadly enemies and race to prevent them from unleashing a horrific weapon on humanity.


The Ruins – Book 1 of the Nick Randall Series

(Previously titled The Vilcabamba Prophecy) The 2015 Adventure Writers Semi-Finalist, available in paperback or e-book. Join Nick and Sam Randall as they take on the Evil Frances Dumond in a race to the death!


Nazca – A Short Story

Find out how Nick Randall got his start, in this short story. Nick Randall is a young graduate student on his first assignment to catalog relics found at the site of the infamous Nazca Lines. His team disappears during a sand storm and Nick must solve the riddle of lines to find his friends!

The Vilcabamba Prophecy Audio Book

Experience ‘The Vilcabamba Prophecy’ in audiobook, narrated by Chistopher Sloan. Hear the characters and action brought to life life never before, by this talented voice actor.



The 2015 award winner is now available as an audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes! Follow Nick and Sam Randall as they battle the evil Frances Dumond, while searching for the lost city of Vilcabamba!

Enjoy it on audiobook today!

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