THE RUINS – A semi-finalist in the 2015 Adventure Writers Competition, this book follows the adventures of archeologists Nick Randall and his daughter Samantha as they battle psychotic mercenaries and a crazed industrialist as they search for a lost civilization hidden deep within the Amazon Rainforest. It’s a race against time and the winner will determine what happens to the future of civilization!

– Jonathan Randall, is a talented Bioengineer whose research partner mysteriously disappears. As he searches for answers, he finds himself pursued by a rouge band of military henchmen. Meanwhile, his father Nick Randall must search for the meaning of a recurring nightmare that might be warning him of a frightening date with destiny. 

THE DEVIL’S HEART – The third book of the series finds Nick and Sam drawn deep into a cover-up dating back to World War II. A cover-up that could change the geopolitical structure of the world as we know it. Facing a life or death fight to uncover the truth, there’s no way out for them as they race against time to stop a plan that will change mankind forever. Along the way, they’ll discover that past events were more than mere coincidence as they roar, headlong into a frightening battle against an enemy so powerful, there may be no way to stop them.