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THE RUINS – A semi-finalist in the 2015 Adventure Writers Competition, this book follows the adventures of archeologists Nick Randall and his daughter Samantha as they battle psychotic mercenaries and a crazed industrialist as they search for a lost civilization hidden deep within the Amazon Rainforest. It’s a race against time and the winner will determine what happens to the future of civilization!

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THE BERMUDA CONNECTION – A 2017 Pinnacle Book Award Winner!
– Jonathan Randall, is a talented Bioengineer whose research partner mysteriously disappears. As he searches for answers, he finds himself pursued by a rouge band of military henchmen. Meanwhile, his father Nick Randall must search for the meaning of a recurring nightmare that might be warning him of a frightening date with destiny.

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THE DEVIL’S HEART – Nick and Sam drawn deep into a cover-up dating back to World War II. A cover-up that could end Western Civilization as we know it. Facing a life or death fight to uncover the truth, there’s no way out as they race against time to stop a plan that will change mankind forever. Along the way, they’ll discover that past events were more than mere coincidence as they roar, headlong into a frightening battle against an enemy so powerful, there may be no way to stop them. (83,870 Words – 100% Complete. Phase – Editing)

WASHINGTON’S GHOST – A secret Revolutionary War meeting that changed the outcome of the war. A clandestine organization plotting against the current political establishment. An ancient device which could alter the geopolitical landscape of the world. (18,034 Words – 20% Complete. Phase – Writing)


NAZCAFind out how Nick Randall got his start, in this short story. Nick Randall is a young graduate student on his first assignment to catalog relics found at the site of the infamous Nazca Lines. His team disappears during a sand storm and Nick must solve the riddle of lines to find his friends!

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THE VILCABAMBA PROPHECY Experience ‘The Vilcabamba Prophecy’ in audiobook, narrated by Chistopher Sloan. Hear the characters and action brought to life like never before as this talented voice actor takes you through Nick and Sam Randall’s first adventure together. 

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