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I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of lost civilizations and the daring men and women who search for them. When I was younger, I remember being glued to the TV when Leonard Nimoy narrated the show ‘In Search Of’. His deep, baritone voice, describing mysterious events, taking place in far off, exotic locales was almost hypnotic. I was hooked. Before his show, I didn’t know these types of amazing mysteries existed. Lost planes, ghost ships, civilizations unseen by humans for thousands of years were too good to be true. And the locations? The Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island, Ancient Egypt. I had to see these places.

Then came the moment that changed everything. A ruggedly handsome, swashbuckling character, searching for lost treasure, made his way onto the big screen. Raiders of the Lost Ark blended history and action perfectly. Its lead character boldly battling evil, risking life and limb to save important religious relics. His leather jacket, whip and hat became synonymous with adventure. It didn’t hurt that the ladies found him irresistible too. Indy was an archeologist who put his training to the test in the real world, traveling to exotic locations, searching for the Ark of the Covenant while fending off the Nazis.

I didn’t know a boy who didn’t want to be Indiana Jones. He was tough, funny, and wasn’t afraid to take on the bad guys…even when the odds were overwhelmingly against him. But what if Indy had a daughter? Would she want to follow in his footsteps? When my daughter Heather was born, my life changed forever. So did my story arc. BAM! Nick Randall and Sam Randall were born! But what about my son Ryan? No problem. I just added John Randall to the mix and rounded it out with Anne Randall, Nick’s wife. The First Family of Adventure was born!

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4 Responses to The Vilcabamba Prophecy Blog Tour

  1. Jill Corley says:

    I loved that show too! You described it perfectly.

    I’m so glad it sparked your interest and gave birth to the Randall clan. I am looking forward to many more adventures and exotic, and secret, locales!

    Write on, Bob!

  2. I loved “In Search Of” as well. And, you know, of course Indy, too. With influences like that, I expect great things!

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